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Bea's Beehive Salon Snow Village 6009714


Created in the early 1960s, the beehive hairstyle is still a popular do at Bea's Beehive Salon. Peek in the front window to see ladies relaxing beneath the classic hooded hairdryers.

  • Lighted Buildings
  • 8.03in H

Cardinal Christmas Bird Feeder Village Cross Product 6009799


Nailed atop a birch stump, the birdfeeder attracts cardinals and other winter-loving birds to rest and feed.

  • Decorative Use Only
  • Village Figures
  • 3.5in H

Cardinal Christmas Pony Village Accessories 6007662

Legend has it that when a cardinal appears, you know that your departed loved one is near and is thinking of you. This little songbird has landed atop the frosted evergreen and is happy to see the newborn colt this Christmas morning.

Cardinal Christmas Sign Village Cross Product 6009800


This sign lets everyone know that the Christmas Tree Farm is open for the season. It stands a little over 2.5 tall and has a tiny green sisal tree attached at the base.

  • Decorative Use Only
  • Village Figures
  • 2.75in H

Chelsea On the Thames Pub Dicken's Village 6007595

This friendly drinking establishment is located just on the edge of the Thames River where the outside steps lead down to the water. It is a local gathering place for salty seamen and and local street vendors.

Christmas Reindeer Village Accessories 6007671

Our Northwoods reindeer, or caribou, wears a collar of jingle bells and stand tall next to a decorated evergreen tree. Great to use in the front yard or Northwoods scene.

Clark, Gone... Snow Village 6009789


That squirrel is outta here! Snots has successfully chased the squirrel right out of the tree and into the arms of, who else, Margo!

  • Village Figures
  • 3.23in H

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