7 Days of Creation 50-Piece Puzzle 1KFA2002

Help a child visualize the creation story with this 50-piece puzzle that reflects the account from Genesis in colorful, kid-friendly detail. Each day is illustrated in a circular design that brings the creation story to life.
  • 7 Days of Creation puzzle includes 50 pieces.
  • On puzzle: Day 1: Day & Night. Day 2: Sky & Seas. Day 3: Land, Plants & Trees. Day 4: Sun, Moon & Stars. Day 5: Fish & Birds. Day 6: Animals & Humans. Day 7: The Day of Rest.
  • Ages 6+.
  • 24" W x 24" H

CH54603 Prehistoric Party 350 pc Family Puzzle

It's time for a Preshistoric Party! All the dinosaurs of the great vast land are coming together to celebrate Survival Day! With three different sized pieces from large to medium and small, hands of all sizes and puzzlers of varying skill will be able to work together to complete this fun Family Piece 350 image

CH54609 Candy Cottage

The sweet scent of the Candy Cottage attracted visitors, including the black cat of the forest who watches keenly as the children explore this delightful new home! A fairytale Family Pieces 350 puzzle that will be a real treat for all families.

26.625" x 19.25" Finished Size

CH54621 The Wizard of Oz 350 pc Family Puzzle

Take a stroll down the yellow brick road in the classic story of The Wizard of Oz brought to life in this Family Pieces 350 puzzle for the whole family to enjoy. A bit of trivia - did you know that in L. Frank Baum's original novel, Dorothy's slippers were silver, not ruby! The ruby came about in the movie to take advantage of the new Technicolor film process for Hollywood.

CH54633 Voyage of the Ark 350 pc Family Puzzle

God's promise shines through His rainbow as the animals enjoy crossing the ocean on their Voyage on the Ark. A pleasing Family Pieces 350 puzzle.

Cobble Hill Dragon Flight Family Pieces 350 Piece Puzzle CH54363

The great dragon race is on and the Dragon Flight has begun!  Watch the racers take off on this annual dragon race challenge and see who will beat the course record!  This fun Family Puzzle 350 piece is full of excitement for everyone.  With a lot of colour and fun characters, we're sure your family will enjoy putting this one together.  Each Family Puzzle includes small, medium, and large pieces making it possible for puzzlers of all skill levels to enjoy the activity together.  

Cobble Hill Earth Day Family Pieces 350 Piece Puzzle CH54628

It's land and sea in this colourful Earth Day Family Pieces 350 puzzle!

19.25"  x 26.625" Finished Size

Cobble Hill Frog Pile Family Pieces 350 Piece Puzzle CH54632

Gribbit! It's time to play Frog Pile! A colourful and vibrant Family Pieces 350 puzzle.
 19.25"  x 26.625" Finished Size

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