Puzzles/Games - 2000+ Pc

Cobble Hill 100 Famous Views of Edo 2000 Piece Puzzle CH89017

"100 Famous Views of Edo" collaged together to showcase the beautiful ukiyo-e prints artwork of the Japanese artist Hiroshige. A 2000 piece historical puzzle.
39.25" x 26.625" Finished size

Cobble Hill Butterflies and Blossoms 2000 Piece Puzzle CH89018

The name "Butterflies and Blossoms" says it all! A beautiful collage of illustrations by artist Jane Shasky who captured the magic of nature in this colourful 2000 piece puzzle.

39.25" x 26.625" Finished size

Cobble Hill Coral Sea 2000 Piece Puzzle CH89005

Coral Sea celebrates the ocean's deep blue water, sea turtles, dolphins, clown fish, and other sea creatures in a fantastical 2000 piece puzzle by artist David Penfound.

Cobble Hill Grandma's Chintz 2000 Piece Puzzle CH89006


Grandma's Chintz is beautifully displayed on a vibrant pink hutch with the fresh cut flowers from Grandma's garden.
39.25" x 26.625" Finished size

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